With over 20+ years experience developing hand-crafted carbon products, APP Apollo is a group of professionals with backgrounds in Composites, Aerodynamics and Engineering.
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • app apollo bellingham autoclave
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility


APP Apollo is an American-owned composites manufacturing company with locations in Bellingham, Washington USA and Shanghai, China.

Our focus is on low and medium volume, high end carbon fiber composite tooling and products. By using our extensive knowledge in the composites industry we have gained a reputation locally and world wide of high quality carbon fiber products and services.


Our customers know us for our high-quality work and speed in getting things done quickly and correctly.

APP Apollo has combined modern 3D technologies with its perfected techniques in carbon fiber technologies to produce the best carbon fiber products offered in the market.

  • More than 35 years of combined experience in the racing & automotive composites and tooling industry.
  • 2014 – Established China company
  • 2019 – Merged with APP Automotive China
  • 2020 – Headquarters and manufacturing in Bellingham, Washington USA
  • Private manufacturing for foreign and domestic companies and brands
  • Market Development & Distribution of products to the local high-end car market in China
  • APP Apollo Bellingham, WA
  • Bellingham Autoclave
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility
  • APP Apollo Bellinghan Facility
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • APP Apollo Bellingham
  • APP Apollo Bellingham

Facilities and Equipment

APP Apollo has two manufacturing locations in Bellingham, WA USA and Shanghai, China to meet the demands of the international market. Here is a list of our current equipment.

Washington Facility

  • 13,000 sqft Facility
  • 5.5’ x 15’ Composites Autoclave w/ Nitrogen Generator
  • 7’ x 14’ Curing Oven
  • 24” x 36” 200T Hydraulic Press
  • 14’ x 28’ Paint Booth
  • 6’ x 24’ Gerber DCS2500 Cutting Table
  • 2- 3’ x 6’ Downdraft Tables
  • 2- 4’ x 4’ Downdraft Tables
  • 3- 3’ x 4’ Downdraft Tables
  • 9000lb Autolift
  • 8’ x 10’ Walk-in Freezer

Shanghai Facility

  • 2000m2 Facility
  • 1m x 2m Composites Autoclave
  • 2m x 4m Curing Oven
  • 500mm x 500mm 15T Hydraulic Press
  • 7m x 4m Downdraft Paint booth
  • 3- 1m x 2m Downdraft Tables
  • 3m x 3m Walk-in Freezer


Apollo Aero Evo


  • Specialist in automotive parts for both OEM and aftermarket applications
  • Class A clear gloss surface or primer ready to paint finish
  • Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Hybrid and SMC (aka forged carbon)


  • We have been building and developing race products and have perfected the art of building a high quality function formed carbon composite products.
  • Light weight and high strength carbon parts tailored to application.
  • Repair of Carbon Fiber chassis, and structural components.


We have the capabilities to manufacture composite parts for the marine industry.



APP Apollo can produce lightweight components and parts that are essential for the aerospace industry.



APP Apollo can provide lightweight composites for the medical or healthcare sectors.